January 2, 2021

Some Simple Tips For Picking A Successful Weight Loss Plan

Gosh we are well into February Luminae Reviewalready and it looks like this year is going to race along just as quickly as the last. By about now most people's New Year Resolutions are starting to wane. We are very enthusiastic on New Years Eve, (normally with a bit of help from some form of alcoholic beverage) and are determined that this year we will lose weight and be healthy. Unfortunately though, as the festivities wear off and we get back into the daily grind, often our good intentions just don't seem so important any more.

Our health should not be an uphill struggle that we lurch into from one year to the next. It's really important to have a good balance in all areas of our life but if our health is not good then everything else tends to suffer. That's why I am so grateful that I was introduced to "Natural Eating" 16 years ago.

Now I consciously eat all the time instead of eating out of habit, or being "good" one day and "bad" the next. My eating is in balance. I eat good nutritional food most of the time, because it makes me feel good but also indulge in the odd treat because I need that too. By not depriving myself of any food I am ensuring that I don't overindulge on anything. I listen to my body, when I'm hungry I eat, when I've had enough I stop.