December 30, 2020

Going Bald Isn't Fun - Naturally Grow More Hair Faster & Enjoy Your New Look

Take Julius Caesar for instanceRescue Hair 911 Review. In the annuals of history, and discussions of famous leaders, he is among the most well known. Are you familiar with the bald over technique?

This technique is credited to Julius Caesar, who supposedly used it to great effect. In an effort to hide his fast receding hairline, he would 'comb over' (hence the name) his existing hair in such a way that would cover the bald part of his head. Julius Caesar is in good company, as outrageous as that might sound. Enter Donald Trump.

That's right, the eccentric owner of the massive real estate empire with a no-holds barred love for the green back and the key character behind the hit television series 'The Apprentice' is a disciple of Julius Caesar; that is when it comes to the bald over technique. To make matters worse, some cheeky members of the fourth estate have even gone as far as claiming that what we see is not his real hair but a wig. The absolute nerve, almost too hard to believe? Not of Donald Trump, but those journalists.