December 31, 2020

Finding Destiny

It appears that, based upon naturalLifebook Online Review law and systems theory, we are entering a time of unprecedented change that will be led by the reordering of many of our largest and most intractable systems. I'll let you fill in the blanks on what systems you think might be at the breaking point and ready to move into reorder.

A hint though. Think of systems that have been most resistant to change and that have become so complex and inefficient that they simply don't work as they were intended. Yikes! The list is long, yes?

We cannot know when this might happen, but that it will happen we can be assured. Even the most closed minds of men are not immune to the natural laws that govern our universe. It's easy to become fearful about the coming changes. However, it's not necessary. Once we have gone through our fears we will find an expanded sense of meaning and freedom. That's a good thing, yes?