January 4, 2021

Reducing Cholesterol Vasacor

Depending on the length of thePurelife Organics Review juice fast, temporary side effects such as fatigue, low blood sugar, headaches, dizziness, hunger, diarrhea, and halitosis may occur. If these symptoms become more serious as the juice fast continues, you should end the fast and consult with a qualified health professional immediately.

Juice fasting is also not recommended for pregnant or nursing women or before or after surgical procedures, as the body may not cope well with a sudden change in the numbers and types of nutrients it is receiving

It is advisable to conduct juice fasts for no longer than 3 days, since certain nutrient deficiencies, especially in calcium and protein, may occur with longer fasting periods. It is important to remember that juice fasting assists your body in reducing the stress of digestion and freeing up energy for elimination, but that all the nutrients your body needs will not be contained in the juices you're drinking. Therefore, be sure to take it slow, keep it to a short duration, and stop if you are experience significant discomfort or other serious symptoms.