November 21, 2019

5 benefits of a real estate investment

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Despite the economic circumstances, opting for a real estate investment has always been a good way to make our capital profitable. This is because owning a real estate represents a greater degree of security with respect to other alternatives.

1.No need to be a specialist


This is undoubtedly an important advantage, because even if you are not familiar with the terminology, you should only handle basic concepts to understand how it works. As you become interested in the various aspects related to real estate, the implementation of these notions will be much simpler.


You will come into contact with notions such as goodwill, amortization, appraisal, mortgage, lease and more, whose ignorance will not prevent you from recognizing a good business opportunity. Of course, you have to be clear about the reasons for making a substantial investment and what you intend to achieve with it.

2. Real estate investment is better than saving


  We say this because we understand how banks work and their various savings instruments usually have low interest rates of 2 or 3% per month or less than 0.6% in the case of term deposits. Although constant, this passive generation of capital is subject to maintenance fees, inflation and other variables.


When you buy real estate, you are acquiring a tangible asset that, in addition to guaranteeing your retirement, will not be affected by too many economic variables. A house, apartment or land can generate a lot of value depending on its location and possible development projects for that area.

3. It is more stable than the stock market and commodities


If the fluctuation of the national currency, metals and stocks seem like a roller coaster of emotions too volatile, opt for something more stable. The appraisal within the real estate market protects you against macroeconomic variables because prices are set in dollars or euros based on regional and international standards.


The stock market and the raw materials can be profitable investments if they are handled well, but they require time and a greater degree of "expertise" to know how they work. This also joins unpredictable factors that can drastically alter their performance. The more properties, you get more stability and better opportunities for profitability.

4.Gives you the possibility of extra income


   In addition to favoring you when filing your taxes, a property generates long-term value and allows you to accumulate profits in various ways.. There are a wide variety of offers to explore, among them, there are initiatives such as cohousing, AirBnB, among others, which represent simple ways to monetize your investment without too many complications or risks.

.You have an inheritable property


   In principle, any real estate investment contributes to the growth of your assets, which supports the different types of financing you may need at any given time. Similarly, in this way you can benefit your family group, giving them a very important starting point for the construction of their future.


The acquisition of properties has also become a simple, practical and safe strategy to deal with the retirement parameters of each country, it is shown that the amounts allocated for pensioners are usually insufficient, so measures must be taken to provide for such situation.

There is no doubt that embarking on the interesting world of real estate has higher than low and could mean great financial support for you and yours. It is a field full of opportunities that guarantees that stability you are looking for.


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