November 26, 2019

E-Cigarettes and Vaporizer Market Segments | Industry Analysis, Key Players, Drivers, Trends and Forecast to 2021

Market Overview

According to Market Research Future (MRFR)’s assessment, the Global E-Cigarettes & Vaporizer Market has been projected to strike a CAGR of 25% during the forecast period 2016 to 2021. Since the first sale of e-cigarettes in 2004, the market has expanded exponentially. It was first developed in China and has penetrated American and European market over the time.

The major driving source of the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market is the will among the smokers to quit smoking. Although the adverse effects of e-cigarettes and vaporizers are yet unknown, the majority of the toxic chemicals found in tobacco smoke are absent in these products. This, in turn, has accelerated the adoption of the product across the world, thus, augmenting the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market. It has been presumed to continue exhibiting similar trend over the next couple of years.

The influence of awareness campaigns is expected to boost the sales of e-cigarettes & vaporizers. On the flip side, the presence of aerosol in e-cigarettes is anticipated to check the expansion of the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market across the review period.

Competitive Dashboard

Some of the E-Cigarettes and Vaporizer Market prominent players profiled in this MRFR report are Dash Vapes, Hubbly Bubbly, Liquideu, Nice Vapor., Pacific Smoke International, Puff Ecig, Simple Vape Co. London Ltd, Smokio., Vape Escapes, and Vapor Line.

Industry News

In January 2019, a bill has been introduced in North Dakota for banning the flavored e-cigarette products in order to control the sharp rise in the number of teens who are into "vaping."

In January 2019, schools in Suffolk County, New York, have piloted a new vaping prevention program owing to the popularity of electronic cigarettes.

In January 2019, researchers studying the health impacts of e-cigarettes have ten varieties of "nicotine-free" e-liquids have found nicotine in 'nicotine-free' e-cigarette liquids.

In January 2019, lawmakers in North Dakota, the U.S., have proposed taxation of e-cigarettes owing to a rise in the use of e-cigarette among teenagers.

Market Segmentation

This MRFR report offers a detailed segmental analysis of the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market based on product type. The market has been segmented into disposable e-cigarette, rechargeable e-cigarette, ego and tanks, personal vaporizers and mods and others. Among these, the disposable e-cigarette segment accounted for the maximum market share of 30% in 2015. It is expected to retain a prominent share of the market over the assessment period. The rechargeable e-cigarette segment has been projected to closely trail the disposable e-cigarette segment in terms of market size. Furthermore, the personal vaporizers segment is estimated to hold a significant share of the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market and strike a CAGR of 23.5% during the forecast period.

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Regional Analysis

The regional analysis of the global e-cigarettes & vaporizer market spans across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Rest of the World. Among these, North America had captured the maximum share of the market in 2015. The region has witnessed a steady increase in the use of vaporizers in order to control tobacco addiction. However, the increasing use among teens also poses threats to the market as it has garnered backlash by the higher government authorities. However, constant check on counterfeit products coupled with rising awareness about ill-effects of tobacco is likely to expedite the expansion of the e-cigarettes & vaporizer market in the region.