December 20, 2019

Waltraud Kaltenhuber: How to raise a fraudster and a thief from your son

Waltraud Kaltenhuber, formerly a teacher and principal of the school, now engages in political activities from the ÖVP party in Linz.

On the Internet you can find many photos of Frau Kaltenhuber in which she joyfully smiles at various official events.

And, of course, such an active woman should have nice children, whom she raised in accordance with her life principles and beliefs. Especially having such a wonderful husband as Heinz Kaltenhuber, who has held for many years a leading post in the international charity organization "Lions".

So we introduce the eldest son of Frau Kaltenhuber - Andreas Kaltenhuber.

The parade side of his personality can be said to be impeccable. He is a graduate of the University of Innsbruck, has been working as a programmer for over twenty years and now has his own small software company He also has an active social life - he is a member of the SSCSC club, which annually for many years organizes golf tournaments and the funds they raise go to charity.

His friends at the SSCSC club are ​Peter Paul Mölk​, director and co-owner of the MPREIS distribution network, Christian Steinmayr​ and ​Michael Perlornigg​, directors and co-owners of insurance company Steinmayr & Co, ​Adrian Egger​, director at Patscherkofelbahn, ​Emanuel Jahn​, director at Autohaus Dosenberger, ​Martin Wolf​, a lawyer, and others.

Just an idealistic picture.

But as is usually the case behind a clean facade an unsightly reality is hiding.

It turns out that behind the mask of a good son and a worthy member of society, there a fraudster and a thief is actually hiding. From his activity several thousand people around the world have suffered and the total damage he caused is estimated at many hundreds of thousands of euros.

In May 2018, in the wake of the popularity of blockchain technology, Andreas Kaltenhuber and his wife Carina Fontan organized the project - a cryptocurrency trading platform MCT + (My Crypto Trade).

The Platform was growing and gaining popularity thus attracting more and more people.

People were buying the MCT coin which was used as an analog of shares - the MCT coin allowed to get part of the revenue of the Platform.

On 14 May 2019 there was a theft of users' funds from the Platform.

On 2 July 2019 the results of internal investigation were published and it became clear that the co-founder and the main developer of the Platform Andreas Kaltenhuber had stolen users' funds. Additionally it was found out that the initially raised investors' funds for the development of the Platform Andreas spent on the purchase of a new car and on a two-week vacation in Spain (Mallorca).

Within several hours the Platform was shut down, the website and the project’s social accounts were deleted.

Shortly after that, Andreas and his wife Carina went on vacation to Malta to spend the stolen funds.

Summing up the fraudsters activities, several thousand people lost their funds on the Platform during the theft and exit scam. Several thousand people holding MCT coins lost all their investments in the Project. Some investors lost significant amounts - several tens of thousands of euros each. The total damage from fraudulent activity can be estimated at many hundreds of thousands of euros.

All links to the documents are provided at the bottom of this article.

Here is such a son brought up by the school principal, a politician from the ÖVP party Waltraud Kaltenhuber.

And as you know, the apple never falls far from the tree.

Here is the result of a year-long investigation called "The complete story of the MCT+ Exit Scam":

From the investigation you can find out:
- the real identities of the MCT+ founders,
- how the founders were identified,
- how much the founders got from the Project,
- on what purposes the raised funds were spent,
- what really happened during the Incident on May 14, 2019,
- how the exit scam was committed,
- the founders' life after the exit scam.