January 23, 2020

How To Recover Suspended Google Account

How can you recover a suspended Google Account?

A lot of people complain about losing passwords of their Google account but very few know about the suspended accounts. For recovering a lost password, we need to provide account recovery methods bur if your account has been suspended then it is something else. Suspended account refers to the account being locked by Google itself if you tried logging in countless times or someone reported your account because of any malicious content. And if you need to recover your suspended account then follow the given guide of Google account recovery that is different from usual ones.

Steps to recover Google account that is suspended

1. To recover a suspended account, tap on the official website of Google first

2. Now sign in your Google admin page which is not your personal account

3. Now from Google admin page look for users account and tap on it

4. Under users, click on add a filter followed by user status

5. Now look for suspended box and tap on the apply link

6. Now click on more tab and then reactivate

7. Click on reactivate to confirm the process and you are all done.

And that’s all for recovering suspended accounts. In case of doubt, contact customer care.