Hotmail Not Working & Not Responding Issue:Here's How To Fix

How to correct the not responding problem of Hotmail?

Hotmail users face several kinds of issues quite often similarly not responding is also such an error. If you are also dealing with the Hotmail not responding fault recently, then don't panic. This error can arise due to some small technical problems, hence, possible to fix a few manageable techniques. Therefore, if you are willing to understand the simple tricks for correcting the Hotmail not responding error, then kindly refer to the methods discussed.

Reboot Device:

Rebooting the device is the most preferred way of correcting any type of technical error. Similarly, it can also help to fix the not responding issue of Hotmail. You have to follow the given procedure to reboot a device:

  1. First of all turn off the device which you are using to access Hotmail
  2. Then wait a few seconds and turn on the device once again
  3. Now try opening the Hotmail and login to your account

Reset Settings:

Resetting the device is another way of correcting the technical error efficiently. Therefore, follow the given procedure to reset device settings:

  1. Go to the settings of your device first\N
  2. ext, navigate to the general settings
  3. Then find the reset tab and click on it
  4. Now wait until complete device reset is done
  5. Hereafter, try to open the Hotmail web page and access your account

Hotmail Reconfiguration:

Re-configuring the account on the device is also helpful to fix the Hotmail not responding error. Hence follow the given steps to reconfigure Hotmail on your device:

  • First of all you have to delete your Hotmail account from the device
  • Next, go to the device settings and search account tab
  • Then go to add account and choose Microsoft in the account type tab
  • Next enter your Hotmail user name and password
  • Hereafter, choose server and your account will reconfigure successfully

Hence, whenever you face the issue of Hotmail not respondingin your device and want to handle the situation efficiently, refer to the methods given above for fixing it . Besides, you can also get help from a customer care executive from Hotmail support, if not able to fix the error on your own.