February 12, 2020

How Do I Recover my Facebook account through friends

How can friends help you to recover lost Facebook id?

Facebook is embarked as a turning point in internet communication when people upgraded themselves from Yahoo and Gmail. For more than a decade, Facebook has been one of the most popular social media platforms. But suppose if you forget the credentials of your Facebook account because of any random reason then you can take the help of Facebook account recovery steps. But if you don't have any recovery information, then you can take help from your friends or trusted accounts. To know how they can help you out, follow the below-given methods.

Steps to recover lost Facebook id through trusted accounts

1. Open the Facebook app or link on any browser and select ‘forgot password’ under log in box

2. Now as the page diverts to account recover link, enter any email or phone number associated to your account to identify its you

3. If you can not search your account then click on ‘no longer access to this’?

4. Enter a new email and click on ‘reveal my trusted accounts’ and type the name of anyone of those.

5. You will see a few onscreen instructions and a link with a special code that only your friends can see

6. Now send the link to your friend and ask him/her to open it for Facebook account recovery procedure.

7. Now ask for the code to recover the password.

And you are done. For doubts, contact the customer care team.