What do you do if your printer won't turn on?

Some people might face this particular situation, where their printer won’t turn on due to unknown reasons. Although this condition is unusual and disturbing, you can handle it by trying a few tricks.

If you want to discover the tricks that might help to resolve your Canon printer won't turn on trouble, kindly receive the recommendation from the points addressed below:
• First of all, unplug your printer’s power cord from its back. Also unplug the power cord from surge protector. Then wait around 10 minutes, afterwards plug-in the power cord again
• You must plug in printer’s power cord in the wall outlet directly as sometime the surge protector may not cork on a port
• Plug in the cable of your printer in another power outlet, you can go to the other room for plug-in then see whether it turns on or not
• Change the power cord of your printer as the fault might be in that only
Moreover, you have to search Canon printer repairs near me, in case the above discussed tricks doesn’t help to turn on the device. It means your printer might require servicing to work again in a better position. You can either carry your printer to the nearby repair shop or call a tech support personal to check it personally by visiting you.