October 22, 2019

How to fix Google app not working on iPhone?

Many users are facing issues with their Google application while working on the iPhone. And if you are one such user who is going through the same issue then you are not alone. You can read the steps below to find out the reason and their solutions.
Reasons for Causing Google App to Not Work!
1. Accumulated cookies and caches in the application storage.
2. Using the older version of Google app which is not compatible with the latest version of iOS.
3. Or another issue can be due to the older version of iOS which is not compatible with Google app.
4. Improper internet connection.
And there can be many other reasons which cause Google app not working issue. And to get rid of such an issue you can follow the ways mentioned below.
Troubleshooting Ways to Fix Google App Not Working!
1. Delete all the cookies and caches from Google app store.
2. Update the Google app to the latest version from the application store.
3. Also, update the iOS version from updating the centre of Apple.
4. Contact service provider in case of improper internet connection.
5. One can even restart the device and check if the issue is resolved or not.
6. Another way to fix is to uninstall and then install the application.
And there can be many other ways to fix such an issue. And if the issue remains the same, then contact Google support.