How to recover the lost password of Gmail?

Losing the password of the Gmail account can be a little disappointing since, without the password, the user can't access the account or exchange any mails. Losing the password of the Gmail account has become quite common these days and hence to fix the issues of the users, Google provides a few recovery methods.

Steps to recover the lost password of Gmail

1. To recover the lost password of Google, first of all, visit the sign-in page and click on the lost password option.

2. As the page gets diverted to the account recovery page, enter the username first through which you log in the account.

3. On the account recovery page, the user can pick the method with which you would want to recover the lost password.

4. If you choose the email method then the user will receive a code on the mail, Enter the code in the security box and set a password.

5. Similarly, if the user chooses the phone number method, then they will receive the code through the text. And enter the code and set a new password.

6. Or if in case the user chooses to answer the security questions once the answers get verified then the user can set a new password later.

Following the methods of account recovery on the link of https//go/recover for help, the user can reset the password. For doubts, contact customer care.