November 9, 2020

Children did not become lazy and boors. Help them to write my paper.

Why the teacher should be on the side of the child Each teacher has his own strategy for teaching and communicating with children: someone is trying to become an authority, and someone wants to be on the same wavelength with them. Our new blogger, teacher Natalia Goncharova, believes that the key to success is to take the side of the child and learn with him. I started my professional career as a university teacher and got to school by accident. Rather, the MSU SUNTS could hardly be called an ordinary secondary school.

Children of the 10-11th grade studied there, showing outstanding abilities in exact and natural sciences. Many of the courses in which the classes were held were comparable in complexity and volume to ordinary university courses. Therefore, it is quite right that this school within the Moscow State University was called its faculty.

But - despite the closeness in age and development with the students - the students of this school were still children, although many of them in their 16-18 years were taller than me and let go of their mustaches. And these children demanded certain approaches to themselves, different from those that I used when working with students, whom we rightfully call "young adults." When I came to SSCC after working at the university, these techniques and approaches were unknown to me, so I faced some difficulties and the need to rebuild my teaching style specifically for children. In the first six months of work, I did not succeed in everything I wanted, I made a lot of mistakes, I wanted to quit everything and return to the university And after the first semester, I felt that my work had yielded results, I began to feel the children and work effectively with them. Throughout my work with children, but especially during the most difficult first six months, I read many books about the peculiarities of child psychology and work in children's groups.

One of my favorite books was On the Child's Side by Françoise Dolto. The title and content of this book was very much in harmony with my perception of the basic principle of the teacher: no matter what happens, we, teachers, are on the side of the child. It seems to me that in my most difficult times as a teacher, when it seemed that all my efforts were in vain and senseless, it was this principle that helped me not to give up, and my students, feeling this inner attitude of mine, and seeing its fruits, gradually opened up with me.