10 Best Xbox One Games With Realistic Graphics.

Why is an Xbox one called Xbox one? It is because the game which was made in China in the Shanghai free trade zone is all in one entertainment. X box One wins over other sports because X box One has great media. These next 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics

The audio is undoubtedly superb to the extent of being overpowering, and you get a hardcore gaming experience with Amazing 10 best Xbox one games with realistic graphics. We present the ultimate Xbox game’s list. Upgrade your ps2, ps3 to Xbox one and get games from the Xbox store.

X box one offers excellent games every month, and you get unlimited play. Xbox one is entering its 6th year. You should know that the team behind the Xbox one is Microsoft. Some of the games are first-party exclusives, some are multi-platform blockbusters, and some are indie gems.

All the below games are featured games and stand on a top 10 list.

HALO – The Must-Play Game

The first game which you must play when you are an X box one owner is the Halo game. There are the Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo 3 and Halo 4 games. Halo is set up in the 26th century where the player is the master chief, and he is a super-soldier.

This is an artificial intelligence game. The world is shown to be ring-shaped and which is being tried to be uncovered by the players as the players try and battle aliens.

This game has been both – commercial success and critical success. It has also been voted as one of the best games in its time. Not just that, it has been proposed as the fourth-best first-person shooter game all across the world.

The game Halo started a multimedia franchise that has earned up to 4.6 billion dollars around the globe. Bungie studios initially began the franchise. The name ‘Halo’ comes from the powerful, ring-shaped super weapons created by Forerunners to destroy the flood.

FORZA – The Driving Game

The second game which develops a great sense of excitement among fans is the best driving game set in the British countryside and is called Forza, the scenery changes with the seasons depicted in the game. Forza surprises with a scene from the Halo and Halo fans loved that part.

This car race game says it has been developed only for experienced and keen players. There are 450 cars in all to be collected. The weather conditions are extreme. To keep yourself warm, get the game’s purchases such as boots, and a hat is there.

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