Strong Reasons to Keep Your Children Away From Smartphones.

With the advent of smartphones, adults, as well as children have become dependent on them, alike. While adults can be able to separate the chaff from the grain and have a legit understanding of what is fake and what is real. children do not enjoy such capacity by the dent of their innocence. Strong reasons to keep your children away from smartphones.

As a result, they become very susceptible to phone addiction, cybercrimes, and induce several negative impacts on their psychology which are hard to get rid of.

Psychological Impacts on Children Due To Over-Exposure to Smartphones.

In article Strong reasons to keep your children away from smartphones, we will see what effects those small minds. This disorder affects the mental health and cognitive abilities of the child including learning, writing, memory, and problem-solving.

If this problem is increased then this may produce the state of dementia or delirium. Some researchers had shown that there may present any underlying brain pathology which affects the brain functions. The DMS-5 has defined this cognitive disorder in 6 key domains-

  • Executive function
  • Learning
  • Memory
  • Perceptual-motor function
  • Language
  • Complex attention
  • Social cognition

Learning Disabilities

It is a neurological based problem in which the patient is having the problem in learning the basic things like reading, writing and solving mathematical problems. The patients also have problems in higher-level skills like organization, time planning, abstract reasoning,

long and short term memory, and attention. For the people, they should not get confused with that learning disabilities with learning problems as learning problems are a result of the visual, hearing, or motor handicaps; due to emotional disturbance, due to bad environmental culture, etc.

Reading Disorder

Reading disorder is characterized by an impaired ability to recognize words, slow and inaccurate reading, and poor comprehension. There are several labels have been used to describe reading disabilities including dyslexia, reading backward, learning disability, Alexia and developmental word blindness.

Many workers attribute the reading disorder to subtle visual or verbal (auditory) deficits. There is more evidence for the effect of verbal deficits than visual deficits; thus reading disorder is considered to be a part of an oral language disorder.

Reading requires a brain that is mature enough and sufficiently intact to integrate information arriving through various processing systems and to relegate disturbing stimuli to the background. Reading disorder may be one manifestation of developmental delay or maturation lag.

Poor Communication Skills

Children must develop their public speaking skills to instill confidence and dispel haphazardness of their thought process. Communication skills are honed by realistic interactions and not over virtual space as provided by today’s technology.

When children spend a lot of time on their phones or laptops, they become comfortable with this platform of communication and struggle when asked to talk in real life. If such children are made to participate in impromptu public speaking, they fail miserably and cannot structure their thoughts in such situations.

Children who rely head over heels on smartphones are unable to recollect what they have learned; face the loss of confidence; suffer from loss of words suddenly. and do not know how to carry a good body language.

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