Leading Technology to Cure Brain Tumor.

Brain tumor leading and cutting edge technology for a cure. The brain tumor treatment begins with surgery to remove the tumor as much as possible; the critical aspect is not removing healthy tissue, patients should openly discuss other treatment options with their team of doctors. Your doctor will choose the treatment which is suitable for you depending upon the following factors:

  • Location of the tumor in the brain
  • Size of the tumor
  • Type and grade of the tumor
  • Patient’s age and health conditions

Reports from “WHO” about the grade of the tumor.

There have been WHO reports about the same. These are grade 3 and grade 4 tumors. Brainstem gliomas or diffuse pontine gliomas are nothing but cancer. Usually, there is not, but it could be said that genetic disorders are behind this sort of tumor.

How genes could mean you could get cancer is because the proteins in our body move because of the way that our genes are. So, yes, the disease can be inherited from parents.

Cancer can be genetic, there is a good chance that you might get cancer at some stage too. After all, the disease is just the way our cells divide. There is a 5 to 10% chance of genetic disease.

The symptoms of tumor:-

Headaches, nausea, blurred vision, drowsiness, seizures.

Therapy Methods Used to Cure a brain Tumor.


This involves x Rays, neutrons, protons, and other sources including gamma rays. It is called irradiation or radiation therapy. This is also standard treatment, the radiation machine remains outside the body, or radioactive material could also be placed inside the body near cancer cells.

Stereotactic Radiosurgery

Stereotactic radiosurgery is a new and painless beam therapy. High-speed protons of the synchrotron machine kill the tumor.

This protects the healthy brain tissue which is affected by other means of destroying the tumor. So, the side effects of this kind of therapy are lesser than all different types of therapy.

CT Scan or MRI

Before the treatment, one needs to get a CT scan or MRI done. GANTRY machine rotates around the person, and the nozzle is set in the right place for protons to hit the target.


It is injecting the body with chemical compounds or drugs that kill the growth of cells that are fast multiplying. This is for malignant tumors. There are three ways of chemotherapy.


The first method is an insertion into the resection cavity and placing the chemo wafers right next to cancer. Chemo wafers are new technology as well. These wafers are soaked in chemo medicine and placed near the removed cancerous growth. What these wafers do is absorb the rest of the malignant tissue left after the removal of cancer.


Intravenous chemotherapy where chemicals are injected into the veins, and last, of all, oral chemotherapy is killing the tumor with medicines. This pill is like any other pill in medical science.


An example of some oral drugs would be temozolomide or TMZ for patients with high-grade gliomas (recurrent tumors of the brain or the central nervous system), this high-grade gliomas usually occurs in small kids, and for adults too this medicine works.


Lomustine and carmustine drugs are taken simultaneously in this is chemotherapy. This can also give in the form of GLIADEL wafers.

Wafers are planted next to cancer and lomustine as a part of drug therapy with procarbazine and vincristine. It is rare though the drug called irinotecan is also given.

Then comes precision medicine. Here drugs that target particular changes and alterations in tumors that drive the growth of the cancer are given. The idea is, to make sure that healthy cells are not harmed. Some medicines block the growth of enzymes, proteins, and molecules that give rise to the growth of cancer.

One drug which does that is called Avastin. This targets the new blood vessels that are being formed because of cancer. Then there is Afinitor. This treats rare diseases such as tuberculosis sclerosis. This condition of health causes illness of kidneys, heart, liver, eyes, lungs and the skin.


This is a wearable cap that transfers electric fields to stop the growth of the tumor. The electric field affects the patient’s scalp, and it is a medical device that is connected to a battery pack in a backpack.

This is mainly used in ovarian cancer or gynecological cancer.

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