Hp printer not printing correctly

Hp is a pioneer brand in the field of manufacturing printer and scanner. There are many updates models of Hp printer available in the market with the latest technology that ensure high-quality user satisfaction. If you are a Hp printer user then sometimes you may encounter may kinds of issues while working with a Hp printer. In the same string, there is an issue present in the Hp printer i.e. Hp printer nor printing correctly. There are some specific sets of reasons behind this error that causes Hp printer not printing correctly issue if you are also facing the same kind of issue with your Hp printer then you can follow these simple steps given below to resolve the issue:

Check the status of your printer
Cancel every stalled print jobs in your HP printer
Reinstall the print driver
Make sure to check for the ink smears at the back of your printouts
Take out a Print Quality Diagnostic Report of your printer