How to fix HP Printer Error 59.F0

Hp is a very brand in the field of manufacturing printer and scanner. Hp is popular because of its high quality and eye catching printing appearance. As printer is an electronic device so it is very common to face many kinds of problems in the Hp printer. These problems in general terms are known as error codes in Hp printer. Hp printer error 59.F0 is also a very common kind of error code in the Hp printer that occurs because of the transfer alienation failure within which the ITB is stuck and unable to rotate, the SR9 sensor (the primary transfer roller has gone bad or the fuser drive assembly has unsuccessful. The only way to resolve Hp printer error 59.F0 from Hp printer is to reset ITB of your printer. There are some simple steps to reset ITB of Hp printer that are given below:

1) Check the ITB alienation sensor by manual or paper path sensor

2) Reconnect the connectors of the ITB

3) Now start the ITB contact/alienation element test

4) Reconnect the connectors of the primary-transfer-roller disengagement motor

5) Replace the primary-transfer-roller disengagement motor.

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