Hp printer not printing color

Hp is a brand that needs no introduction this brand is very popular among the users because of its high quality and eye-catching printing capacity. As printer is an electronic device so it is very common to face multiple kinds of issues with printer. Some of the issues are very common because of its frequent occurrence amongst the users. In the same string there is a very popular kind of error in the hp printer that is known as Hp printer not printing correctly. There are some causes behind this issues that has been listed below:

Causes of Hp printer not printing color

Rough handling during installation
Page setting is at Grayscale
Faulty Cartridge
The cartridge is out of link
Problem in printhead
Color setting not updated properly

Methods to resolve Hp printer not printing color:
Printhead cleaning
Make sure to turn on the Colour option
Check the Settings of your Printer
Customer Care Number