November 2, 2020

Drop & Smash For PC (Windows & MAC)

Drop & Smash is a casual game in which we will get on different scaffolds with the intention of launching an object that allows us to break certain elements. To do this, we will not have to worry about having good aim but we will have to reverse the rewards obtained in increasing certain parameters.

The objects that we have to destroy will be increasingly resistant. That is why it will be essential to increase the power of the throw and the height of the scaffolding so that the force with which each coin falls is greater. In addition, we have the option of generating rewards if we are out of the game.

In Drop & Smash we will also be shown a repetition every time we finish one of the objectives. It will be in slow motion the way in which we will observe how the different objects are destroyed after the impact. The more effective we are when it comes to bursting in a thousand pieces each object, the greater amount of rewards we will get.

Drop & Smash will allow us to climb on a scaffold with the premise of throwing a coin that allows us to destroy the present object on the floor. Our protagonist will have more and more strength and this will allow us to hit each element with enough power to break each component.

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