November 2, 2020

Slime Simulator Time : Make Super ASMR For PC (Windows & MAC)

Slime Simulator Time is a fun game that will allow its users to experiment freely with the strange physical slime, as well as create their own non-Newtonian liquids combining different and unique substances.

Thanks to the intuitive menu design Using Slime Simulator Time will be really simple: once the application is open, we will only have to click on the slime that catches our attention. In a matter of seconds it will open before us and, dragging our finger on its surface, we can create shapes and see how it responds to the contact.

Playing with the slime will be rewarded as we will randomly earn more coins In the future we can invest in unlocking new and more exotic types of substances.

One of the most interesting features of Slime Simulator Time is the fact that it allows us to create our own mixtures by choosing both texture and color and additional additives as miniature toys or glitter.

Thanks to its sound section and the perfect representation of physics Slime Simulator Time manages to offer an experience as similar as possible to play real slime.

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