November 22, 2019

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance Hack MOD, Unlimited Money/Keys Android iOS

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Simulation game can be considered one of the genres that are being appreciated at present. Because it gives players the world, they want. In Japan, there is also a concept for this type of game called “otome game.” This type of play is also a genre of simulations, but it tends to be romantic stories. And often it will pass a romance that is very much twist, as well as the mystery, the fascinating adventure. Since then, the feelings that they have built become more profound, and it is more like an anime.

Interactive Love Story

The Arcana: A Mystic Romance is a product from the publisher of the Nix Hydra. It can be said to be one of the products that represent the new generation “otome game” carefully designed, has a beautiful appearance. The situation is also written by experienced writers. Players who participate in it are like enjoying a novel written by themselves. Each of your decisions leads to different results, so be careful with it. You will not know where the future will lead.

It’s like a lively comic, so everything is designed in 2D format. Your character will be styled in a slight horror anime. However, the male characters always have impressive and attractive features. The female figure has the beauty of a mix of Middle Eastern and Asian cultures. If you notice, The Arcana means the common name of the essential cards in the Tarot deck. The characters you own also have a mysterious appearance like those cards. And in fact, the gameplay also has the effect of Tarot cards and the main character’s fate is sometimes revealed through divination. Players will have to trust to identify the hints that have been set throughout the story.

The mystery unfurls in 22 books

The player who enters the liver does not have too many tasks but simply makes decisions. However, this is the attraction of the game when it does not require players to have too many manipulation techniques. Without suffocating actions, there were no problematic challenges that could not be overcome; only mysterious stories revolved around the death of a man.

The situations that The Arcana: A Mystic Romance offers will require players to make a decision. These situations do not have a real solution, options are reasonable, but each will lead to a different future. The death of the man is always suspended in the content of the story. General life, love, career, and happiness… Everything merges into a whole. Players will feel like they are living in that world so that every decision will be a different future. Pain but will be interesting here is that sometimes someone will give you a card and predict the future. Does the mystery of the future make you falter in fear, or step forward? The game will have 22 books (or episodes) that correspond to the 22 Major Arcana cards in Tarot. Slowly enjoy it.