November 22, 2019

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The genre of survival games, combined with the fantasy theme of the end of the world, has become too popular. Most of them are designed with RPGs and shooters, typically: Last Day on Earth: Survival of Kefer, Last Day Rules by Xiaojiao zhang and DreamSky’s Last Day Survival-Z. As you can see, the design pattern of the gameplay and the features of these games are quite similar, but there are millions of people who are using it daily. In terms of popularity and the appeal of this topic, there is nothing to argue about, because it is so obvious, but instead of following the old-style role-playing game, what will these games look like if replaced by the strategy? The main

State of Survival

that I’m talking about. Its context is nothing new, with the epidemic of zombie disease spreading everywhere. The player was lucky to survive but faced this deadly pandemic.


The US government is trying to create a biological weapon capable of killing humans by spreading the disease and disrupting their genetic structure. After repeatedly testing this weapon directly on the human body, they realize some extremely dangerous side effects when the rate of spread of the disease is too fast and uncontrollable. This has caused mass deaths across the entire city. However, after a while, when the corpses are decaying, signs of life begin to return, creating extremely scary zombies. It’s been 6 months since this event happened. Most people are dead, the landscape of the city becomes desolate and there is no longer any activity. Somewhere between those zombies, a few rare lives are still alive. They are the last hope for human civilization. The mission has arranged for them to find a cure for this kind of disease to bring life.


Instead of playing the role of characters and participating in a fierce shooting battle, the State of Survival was built with much simpler gameplay. In general, it is similar to tower defense games, where players try to position the characters and place machines to attack the approaching zombies. In turn, players will capture each area of ​​the city and destroy the zombies, searching for food and growing their lives.

Unique character system

State of Survival is a strategy game, but it has no army units but is replaced by a unique character system. When joining the game, the player will own two characters: Sarge and Maddie and her dog. In fact, you only own the Sarge guy, but the first scene is built when the two of them accidentally meet on the street so she also joins your team. During the journey full of these dangers, you will discover many different places in the city and meet the real zombie hunters.

They have strong fighting abilities and have effective tactics to eliminate the zombies for you to explore. Death Cruiser, a female character appears at the 10th trail with a sharp-edged motorcycle. She has the ability to cut off the zombies blocking the way and will sometimes help you to break the siege effectively. In addition, there are other characters with the same coolness: Raiders VI, Raiders VII, Demon Raiders IX, Banshees IIX, …

In addition, I also added another comment that the State of Survival has a character design that is quite similar to role-playing games. Each character has a system of stats: Health, Attack, Defense, Leathlity, Battle Powers, Speed ​​, and Load. These indicators can be improved through the upgrade feature.

Build shelter bases

After the battles, the characters become tired and they need to rest, replenish foods and treat wounds if necessary. During the game, the system will constantly assign your construction tasks. It is both a useful guide and a reward and is essential in the fight against zombies. With the Hospital, the characters are treated for wounds and cure dangerous diseases. Workshop to manufacture weapons and ammunition. Enlistment Camp to recruit characters, Warehouse to store necessary items or Farm to provide food. In addition, the system also allows you to upgrade these facilities to improve performance and productivity.