December 7, 2019

Charm King Cheats [Unlimited gold Hack]

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Another attempt to transfer to the soil of mobile devices best-selling series of life simulators, falling on the Studio of Electronic Arts. In the tradition of the series, the Charm King Cheats is focused on protecting and shaping the lives of our virtual characters. Getting to the game, we will be able to solve the question of their appearance, personality traits and life goals, covering both professional career and hobby. During the game we can change the place of the character, choosing from a wide range of furniture, jewelry and accessories, and as you progress through the game Charm King Cheats opens up a lot of additional activities and interesting places outside the residence. A kind of novelty in the series is the possibility of forming the development of the whole family. When our character realizes his goals and retires, we get to unlock new interests and careers in future generations. So, for example, a grandfather's achievements can inspire his children or grandchildren to go a similar path in life.