Light Weight Deflectomete
January 31, 2020

Easy and Fast Way to Check Quality of Soil Compaction Light Weight Deflectometer

The Light Weight Deflectometer is an advanced device designed to determine the non-cohesive sub-bases, compaction quality, pavement improvements, and bearing capacity of the soil. It comes with a dynamic plate load tester which tests the inbuilt soil layers. This machine is suitable especially for the hard to access sites. It is mainly used in railway engineering and road construction. It is also used to examine foundation fillings and roadbeds.


This tool delivers measurement results instantly. Moreover, it is easy to handle. The Light Weight Deflectometer is ideal for testing soil quality in confined spaces like bridge culverts, and pipeline trenches. It’s a unique structure and ergonomic design makes it a highly reliable device which can be easily operated and transported. The device also has a transportation lock for safe and secure soil measurement. 


The load plate of the deflectometer comes with the bubble level and practical handgrips which help in aligning the loading mechanism. This robust device has a long life and good precision, as it’s crafted with the best quality materials. Moreover, the deflectometer can be used even in extreme weather conditions as it is splash-proof.


How to measure soil quality in two minutes using the deflectometer


Position the Light Weight Deflectometer, connect the measurement device to it and then switch it on. The process of soil measurement begins once the ground is pre-compacted. This process takes four consecutive compressions. Proper structuring of the HMP LFG menu is important for the smooth functioning of the device. 


The display shows the settlement in mm after a compression process is completed. Once the measurement process is finished the device shows the average measurement value of the dynamic deflection module, the settlement and the speed ratio. The analysis is simplified further automatic completion of the dataset. 


You may get a printout of the measurement series and analyze them on the site. The printed data includes the time, current date, settlement rates, average value of the settlements, the settlement curve, dynamic deformation modulus and path-to-speed ratio. The measurement values can be transferred to the desktop for a detailed analysis of the measuring points. 


About the Author:

TERRATEST GmbH¬†is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of Light Weight Deflectometers for dynamic load plate test. They offer the world‚Äôs first light weight deflectometer ‚ÄúTERRATEST 5000 BLU‚ÄĚ with Bluetooth and voice navigation. For more information about their products, visit their website!