Commision terms and conditions

General info

I know, it's boring to read all the rules and terms but I assure you, it is important to avoid any misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations for both of us! So please, take a time to read it! Thank you!

How it works:

After a talk with you about what exactly you want to see drawn I make a sketch for you showing how I see it done. If you are okay with the sketch, you'd have to pay a half of the price before I continue and the rest of it after I show you a preview (small size and resolution with a watermark on it) of finished work. And then I send you the full-size HD .png image. If you don't like the preview you can refuse to pay the rest, but it would lead to you not getting the full image (I might post it online with lower resolution and with possible changes) and me not working with you again.


In general I take 10$ per hour, so the price for a single picture could wary depending on how detailed and complicated it is. For example, a portrait could take around 5-8 hours and a full illustration with landscape and few characters could take up to 40 hours of work.


I do not accept deadlines on any commission, but I guarantee to inform you about EST for your commission beforehand.


If I wouldn't be able to finish your commission, I will offer you a full refund.

Some additional info:

You can always talk to me about any details of your commission!I'm allowed to post it on my portfolio and social media's. I'm not allowed to sell or print commissioned work to someone else though, it's yours to use.

I do not draw NTFW pictures.

I can refuse to take a commission for personal reasons.

I draw in my own style, if you wish to have an artwork in someone else's style - try to ask them instead.

The final artwork will contain my signature and I kindly ask you not to remove it.

You are free to use the final artwork as your avatar or background, or wallpaper, or print it.

You are not allowed to sell it or use for commercial purposes.

And please, don't forget to link back to my profile page when posting it anywhere!