April 29, 2019

Guidelines provided by MFSA is perhaps a must read for every individual in the crypto market.

The risk, as well as scams in the world of Cryptocurrencies, is known to everyone. However, despite being aware of such terrible incidents majority of us unwillingly fall into prey to such scams.

Keeping in mind the privacy as well as well being of the users, Malta Financial Services Authority’s (MFSA) recently seem to have taken the initiative of educating the public regarding the risks of crypto assets as well as the inevitable scams. They even make people aware of how to identify as well as avoid scams and fraudulent schemes.

What does it basically contain?

Within the list of guidance, enormous details are broadly explained and it basically highlights the most common types of scams associated with the digital currency. This consists of an enormous list which includes crowdfunding ventures that promise higher gains, fake initial coin offerings (ICOs) as well as fake exchange platforms and fake e-wallets, etc.

The fact that makes this document really effective is that apart from educating about the scams and risks it also provides a list of 11 most common warning signs that potential investors should take into consideration. This list contains warnings including high rates which are completely unrealistic, fake promises of providing 100% guarantee for any funds deposited, selling techniques which are enormously aggressive that ultimately puts pressure on any customer to secure a sale, and also warns of all the misunderstandings that might occur because of the contradiction between documents and the actual conversation.