September 9, 2019

Shivom Rolls Out Alpha 2., OPoised to Capture Genomics Market

In November 2018, Shivom launched its first release amid great enthusiasm and fervor. Since then, the product and development teams have been working on fixing bugs and integrating new features that have come from their recent partnership with Lifebit. In its first release, it streamlined it is UI/UX and USPs based on the need to innovate in the area of secure storage. It also had multiple new-age features such as simplified sign-up DNA upload & encryption, etc.

Continuing its efforts in the area of innovation, Shivom continued developing on the previous release and has now launched its second release — Alpha 2.O. The latest advancements in the platform include avatars, issuing of notifications, bug-fixing throughout the platform, enterprise search functionality, an upgraded UI, and finally our blockchain transaction and verification for DNA file-uploading.

News Source: TheCoinRepublic