March 19, 2020

Paintless Dent Removal

Dent Gent Dent provides quality PDR services (mobile and in shop) in the Roaring Fork Valley area. If you need an expert to remove dents completely, we can help. You can come to our shop, which is located in West Glenwood, or you can have us come to you. Our technicians will come to your place of choosing and they are fully equipped to restore your vehicle.

Our service areas include Glenwood Springs, Eagle and Aspen. We are experienced in repairing all kinds of dents, creases, bumps, door dings and hail damage. Our goal is to make the vehicle look like new again. Many times our technicians are able to restore a vehicle that looked better than its pre-damaged condition. We are also no strangers to insurance claims; those to file them know that they can be a little inconvenient. So we help our customers filing claims because we want them to have a positive experience.

We are also efficient in completing complex repair jobs very quickly, minor repairs usually take an hour or 2 while extensive hail damage will take a day to a few days. PDR is the art of making dents vanish completely; some may have confusion regarding the complexity of completing a stellar repair job. And that is why we get a lot of vehicle owners who bought dent repair products from the internet and made the damage worse.

An experienced PDR technician will erase the damage without leaving a trace. Another feature of PDR is its cost effectiveness;which makes it the best option for minor repair

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We give free estimates and a lifetime guarantee. There is no such thing as a dent popping back, once your vehicle’s damaged panel is PDR’d, the panel will stay in its original shape.

You can call us to get a quote or send us an email with pictures of the damaged area. We will get back to you within a few hours.

Our PDR technicians can come to your location and repair on site.

Why PDR:

  • NO carfax reports
  • No Paint, fillers, chemicals are used
  • Dents are massaged out with special tools
  • Insurance companies prefer PDR over body because of its low cost