November 1, 2020

Which Should You Use for Your Business - SEO or PPC

Nowadays, online marketing is the key component a of business success. Almost all businesses struggle to choose among Search Engine Optimization or PPC - which one is better for their particular business. In this post, we’ve coupled pros and cons of both SEO and PPC. This will ease your effort in deciding which one to choose among the both.

Have a Look at the Pros & Cons of SEO to understand which one is better

SEO is the best part of unpaid online marketing. The process requires a lot more effort than just a high-quality website and content.

SEO Pros

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SEO is completely free; you don’t have to pay so as to get organic results. All you require is to improve knowledge and give some time to create quality content. It promises to rank you high in search engines without any kind of investment.

Gradual Learning

You can start SEO even with basic knowledge. In the beginning, do some simple keyword research, write your content, do some image optimization, use a good server, and you’re all done.

Good Return on Investment

SEO tends to drive good results when the competition is low. With SEO by your side, you can get a high rank and bring over 25% of the organic searches for a keyword.

Long-Term Results

Being consistent for about 6 months or one year, you can derive results. Whenever some new updates come; update it on your website. Keep sharing your content and create backlinks; improve your website from time to time.

SEO is good For Brand Awareness

When people want to purchase something, they look for reviews & guides on the Internet. In order to rank in the search engines, you need to write content that meet client’s expectations. People always look for reviews and guides before trusting on you to make a purchase.

SEO Gives More Control over Content

SEO sets you free to rank virtually for anything. You can include titles, descriptions; content anything which leads to better CTRs.

SEO Cons

SEO Takes Time to Give Results

SEO is a time-taking task; probably takes up to 6 months or 1 year to deliver results. It is a good idea to begin SEO as soon as possible.

It Is Hard to Master SEO

SEO is much more than just keyword researching and link building. To master SEO, the knowledge of HTML, CSS, and basic of JS and PHP are required. Lean both technical and content SEO.

Hard to Scale

SEO requires more and more posts. To build your website authority, you need a skilled team of editors and content marketing team that can handle articles, and blog posts.

Reasons Why You Should Choose SEO

SEO is a strategy with full of uncertainties. To bring results, you need to begin as soon as possible. Make sure to plan for SEO by hiring the Best Website Development Company.

Let’s Now Discuss on PPC Pros and Cons

PPC or SEM is less efficient but way more costing than SEO. However, it can be false. PPC can be a great method of promoting website and selling a particular product.

Advantages of PPC

PPC is much more than general advertising. If PPC hadn’t been so successful why people prefer to pay for it?

See Results Instantly

It is easy to rank and see results right away. Make decent landing page, include your phone number and contact forms. Ensure your titles and content quality.

Easy to Master

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You need to set up a campaign and optimize it for a couple of months. Look for someone who has experience in handling a powerful Pay-Per-Click campaign.

Scale Up Quickly

Scaling up in PPC is efficient. Go ahead by targeting more keywords and adjust your daily budget.

PPC Cons

Like everything, PPC has cons too.

You need to pay for Every Click

With PPC, you have to pay for every click. The money you invest will bring traffic but not ensure guaranteed sales.

Lower Return on Investment

The ROI on PPC is calculated for short terms. Once you stop paying for the ads, you stop growing the ROI.

PPC is not great for Brand Awareness

With PPC, there are chances that buyers come from someone else’s website. It can be either through some sorts of affiliate links or Adsense.


Above all, you have learned the pros and cons of both these Online Marketing strategies separately. In fact, it is hard to determine which one is better as the results vary from services to services and brands to brands. Therefore, it is always suggested to use PPC & SEO in conjunction to bring maximum ROI. The integration of SEO together with PPC can increase the brand value and bring better results.