May 16, 2020

How to Lose Weight Fast: 7 kg in 7 days, Based on Science

Losing weight is not as easy as it sounds. Low-calorie training, meals, and lifestyle changes may make a lot of people get bored quickly, and this sudden change may be very difficult, so you can recover with Fat Flusher Diet quick diet that helps you lose 7 kilos of weight in Only 7 days, as reported by "Women's Health".

Following this diet not only helps you lose 7 kg of weight per week, but it also helps cleanse the body of all toxins.

Diet Plan To Lose Weight in Healthy Way
The most important of rapid weight loss is to lose it in a healthy way, and for this you have to follow a set of simple steps besides following a dieting system in order to be able to lose weight safely.
1. Before eating a diet, you should reduce the amount of sugar and oil you eat in the food.
2. Whoever decides to follow this diet definitely needs the support of family and friends, and for this we must encourage him to change his lifestyle in this way.
3. Losing weight in such a short period can put pressure on the body, so make sure that this diet does not recur until after at least two weeks.
4. Most importantly, you must maintain weight after losing this fast diet by following a healthy lifestyle and exercising at least 20 minutes for 5 days a week. Read: Fat Flusher Diet Review

The First day in Dieting: The first day of dieting depends on eating fresh fruit only throughout the day except bananas because it contains many calories, start your day by eating two apples instead of coffee, because they will make you feel awake, and make sure to divide your day into 4-6 meals of fruit.
Black tea, coffee, or any abnormal sugars or sweeteners are not allowed, and you also don't have fruit in the form of juice, and make sure to drink large amounts of water. Fat Flusher Diet Reviews

The Second day in dieting: The second day of dieting depends on only fresh vegetables in any quantity you want (completely away from any meat products), and if you want to eat cooked vegetables, do not add more than one tablespoon of them to oil, and you can only add natural herbs and spices when preparing vegetables, You can also eat vegetables in the form of a salad, and do not forget to drink a lot of water. Fat Flusher Diet Review

The Third day in dieting: The third day of dieting depends on eating any amount of fruits and vegetables throughout the day and remember that it is not allowed to eat any types of fruit juice, black tea, coffee, or soft drinks on all days of the diet.
You can also eat the following vegetable soup as a dietary supplement because it provides you with salt, water, protein, energy and other nutrients.
Ingredients for vegetable soup:Water, large onion, green pepper, tomato along with cabbage, celery, herbs and spices. You can also add other vegetables that you want such as peas, corn, green beans, turnip and cauliflower, but avoid beans because it has high calories.

The Fourth day in dieting: The fourth day in dieting depends on eating bananas and milk without fat in breakfast (a maximum of 8 grains of bananas), because combining milk and bananas at breakfast will give you a large amount of energy needed, but for food and dinner you can eat vegetable soup in the same way Mentioned on the third day.

The Fifth day in dieting: On Fat Flusher Diet day you can eat meat (lean beef with a maximum of 300 grams) and tomatoes (a maximum of 2 grains of tomatoes in each of the three meals), and if you are vegetarian, you can replace beef with one cup of rice.
Large quantities of water should be drunk throughout the day.

Sixth day in dieting:
This day depends on eating lean beef with six grains of tomatoes. You can also add fresh or cooked vegetables. For vegetarians, they can replace beef with a plate of rice.

The Seventh day in dieting:
On the seventh day of dieting, brown rice and fruit juice should be eaten for breakfast. As for food and dinner, you can eat any kind of vegetables in any amount. You can also eat fruit juices alongside lunch and dinner.