March 13, 2020


Cleaning up is one aspect of business operations that people know very little about. However, cleaning services can take up a significant chunk of any business's time or budget because, like any other space, commercial spaces need to stay clean, too. In fact, cleanliness is a hugely important factor in any commercial space in order to impress clients and customers. More importantly, clean spaces ensure that workers and customers can focus on their business without having to deal with clutter, mess or ill health.

What is commercial cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is any cleaning procedure done in a space used for commercial or business transactions. Commercial cleaning companies perform cleaning services in any space where business is done, whether it 's a shop or store, an office, a warehouse, a construction site, a clinic, or any other space where services are provided to customers and clients.

Commercial cleaners perform a wide range of cleaning services, from washing to vacuuming, polishing, waxing, dusting and tidying to ensure that commercial spaces are tidy, clean and free from clutter and hazards. All cleaning services are done to ensure the health and safety of users.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • vacuuming carpets, drapes, and upholstered furniture
  • industrial carpet and window cleaning
  • emptying bins
  • cleaning and dusting furniture
  • waxing and re-waxing floors
  • disinfecting bathrooms, sinks, and kitchens
  • replenishing supplies such as water, toilet paper, toiletries among others

Commercial cleaning vs. Residential cleaning: What is the difference?

The main difference lies in the area of specialty - residential cleaners specialise in cleaning homes while commercial cleaners clean offices and other commercial spaces. This translates to differences in equipment and materials used, as well as the level of expertise and training that cleaning crews must possess.

For example, industry-grade cleaners may be needed to do the job in commercial spaces since these are exposed to a higher volume of people, and must meet industry-standards when it comes to sanitation and disinfection. This is not always true for residential cleaners. Residential cleaners can be part of a large cleaning company or independent contractors which means that cleaning standards can vary. Commercial cleaners utilize industry-grade cleaning solutions, supplies and equipment, especially for clients that are subjected to routine sanitation regulations like health facilities and laboratories. This is an assurance that cleaning services are standardised.

Commercial cleaning crews have specific training in cleaning commercial spaces, from laboratory clean rooms to high rise windows to ensure that every inch of the space is cleaned and thoroughly disinfected according to the client's standards. You can expect commercial cleaners to be trained in proper chemical spill cleanups, colour care for carpets and upholstery, and be insured to perform cleaning procedures several floors off the ground.

In-house cleaning vs. Commercial cleaners

Most businesses have their own cleaning crews do the work for them. This can work for really large businesses that have the budget for an in-house cleaning crew or those that occupy small office spaces, where the entire office can be vacuumed in ten minutes. However, most commercial spaces benefit from hiring commercial cleaners because they are more cost-effective in the long run. They do not take anything from the business' manpower, and services are performed by experienced, trained, and insured specialists.

Professional commercial cleaners provide industry-standard services that ensure clean, safe and impressive work environments for both customers and employees. If you are looking for trusted companies that offer

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