June 22, 2020

Aasif Sheikh aka Vibhuti Narayan Mishra's memorable 'kirdars' in BhabijiGhar Par Hai to woo AngooriBhabi

Taking the audience on a joy ride of laughter is the Modern colony's neighboring couples, The Mishras and The Tiwari's who have a connection not only with each other but also with other's their better halves! Believing in the very thought that 'the grass is greener on the other side' Vibhuti and Tiwari are continually trying to impress the other's wife.

Aasif Sheikh who portrays the role of Vibhuti Narayan Mishra always had different tricks up his sleeve to woo Angoori Bhabi essayed by ShubhangiAtre. But as luck would have it, all his efforts go unnoticed, and he fails miserably every single time. Impressing Angoori has been on top of Vibhuti's list, and he has left no stone unturned in trying to fulfill it. Speaking of which, Aasif Sheikh shares some of his favorite 'Kirdars' and the story behind them.

Who remembers Vibhuti mimicking Mehmood aka Master Pillai giving an extra hysterical twist to the iconic song 'EkChatur Nar' from the 60s cult movie – Padosan? It so happens that when Angoori expresses her desire to learn classical South Indian music, Vibhuti laps up this opportunity and turns into a music teacher aka Master Pillai to get closer to her. But to his dismay, Bhabijisoon loses interest in music, and his plan fails! In another episode, Vibhuti's long-lost uncle breaks the news of him being the King of the Nalleshwar kingdom. It makes him extremely happy as his dream to get Angoori's attention appears attainable. But in no time, he loses this title owing to a misunderstanding, shattering Vibhuti'shopes once again! And that is not all, in another episode, Vibhuti stoops to becoming a rag picker named Darling to buy all her old household items at half the price! Even a juice seller when he finds out about Angoori's love for fresh juice. But soon Tiwariji sabotages his business with Tika-Malkhaan.

Speaking on this, Aasif Sheikh says, "I have played close to 250 characters on the show and have thoroughly enjoyed every character. I have essayed more than 15 variations of a woman's character.

There is a lengthy list, but the few characters that have given me an incredibly memorable experience apart from the ones mentioned here is when I played a seductive looking electrician named Rajaram and the grey-haired Tiwari's Daadi. The audience has loved and enjoyed watching each character, which is very encouraging and pushes me to keep exploring more and strive to outdo myself, every time."

So, which of his character do you like the most?

Aasif Sheikh is all excited and gearing up for the shoot. Get ready to watch your favorite Vibutiji trying to impress his crush with his flamboyant attitude in all-new episodes of BhabijiGhar Par Hai coming soon only on &TV.