Forget the Hotel, Stay at Hostels on your Backpacking Trip!!!

Insanely popular with the solo backpacking travelers and the young, dumb and broke college students. Hostels are surely a place to experience lasting fun, amusement and oftentimes conscience-stricken memories.

The term “Adventure” could surely be defined as invading the unknown, exceeding your limits and finally getting to experience those thrilling adventures in your life.

If you’re a solo backpacking traveler who's hoping to wander and looking forward to executing a backpacking expedition at some utterly desirable or long-craved holidaying destination.

Then, choosing to stay at a Hostel accommodation while backpacking or holidaying somewhere interesting like the Amsterdam of the Netherlands or Alaska’s Mount McKinley is surely going to turn out to be an ideal decision to treasure amusement and cherish memorable experiences for the solo riding, outgoing and adventurous backpacking travelers.

Furthermore, it’s inarguably befitting for those individuals and the young-blood, crazy and broke college students who are looking forward to partying all night long, meeting new acquaintances, traveling on a limited and broke budget. Moreover, it’s going to allow you to exploring the novel and unfamiliar cultures hidden in our strange world all on an affordable and limited budget.

However, choosing to stay at Hostel isn’t for everybody. For example, a family of four or a passionate romantic couple who is looking to unwind and have some privacy surely won’t go for staying at a hostel and going to mind sleeping in bunk beds and sharing their room with some hippy, pot-smelling and unknown strangers.

A lot of individuals are under the assumption that hostels are the dirty and un-facilitated type of accommodations that are filled with drug addicts who usually seen snorting meth and smoking it from a crack pipe. See, that’s certainly is not the case as the hostel industry is thriving with the help of cheap rents, getting popularity through online bookings with platforms such as and introducing different types of hostel-type rooms. To know the Seven different hostel rooms types, click on the link.

How different a stay in Hostel is… from staying at a Hotel?

Most hostels are designed as dorm rooms which you'll find in college dormitories with bunk beds, private dorms and all. In a lot of European backpacking hot-spots, you'll come across mixed-gender hostels that are facilitated with responsive staff, common baths, lavatories, kitchen and on-site pubs where you can achieve the state of drunkenness and or perhaps securing the sure chance of meeting your next girlfriend while traveling or backpacking across your long-carved destination.

You're honestly and quite likely won't be feeling lonely if you'll be surrounded by the like-minded and spirited backpacking travelers at Party hostels with psychedelic arts crafted on the walls of the hostel and loud music coming from almost every room on the premises.

Meantime, hotels merely going to provide its occupants with complimentary breakfast snacks or free bath soaps. Backpackers who are fortunate enough and willing to spend more than $100 could certainly go for luxury hostels with comforting, opulent ensuite bathrooms or say "Showers" and all the luxury amenities of hotel accommodation.

Here are some of the reasons to stay at a hostel while you’re on a Backpacking Trip

See, If you have decided to stay at a hostel while venturing on a backpacking trip. There’s no cheaper way to stay while you’re on vacation. Further, you'll get to learn about some interesting and crazy backpacking experience stories from your hostel mates.

Apart from that, there are plenty of reasons to stay at Hostels. Nowadays, hostel reservations are easily done through a website, movies are getting made on the experience of living at hostels, availability of an ample variety of options, free breakfast, boozing, and the partying scene are some of the stuff which certainly helping them gaining a lot of popularity among travel enthusiasts and old age backpackers.

At hostels, backpacking tourists are surely going to learn about the social connection between the human-beings, open-mindedness, compassion, sharing, and flexibility.