My Many Passions

My name is Angie and I must say that I have many passions. My family is HUGE to me. I am married to my first love, Kevin. We live with a house full of fur babies due to Kevin's and my soft hearts. I am super close to my four sisters and their families, and love spending time with them all.

Now when I said I had many passions, I really do. As stated above, my family is the biggest passion I have. And to go with family, our fur babies are part of that. Here are just a few of the many pictures I have taken of the fur kids.

Here are some of my other passions:

Crafting! I have a craft room that is full of things that I may or may not need some day. Canvases, paints, threads, sewing machine, wooden cut outs, paint brushes, ribbons, yarn. You name it and I probably have it. I absolutely love being able to create things for not only my home, but for others as well.

Camping. Camping is a passion that my dad instilled in me. He loved camping, and every other weekend in the summer growing up, we went. Oh, the memories that I have spending so many weekends at the campground! They are etched in my mind, and bring back so many great memories.

Reading. I love to read, but the sad thing is, most days, I do not have the time to do so. I have loved reading from the time that I was in elementary school. There were many times that I would get lost in my book during free reading that the teacher would have to personally tell me free reading was over! There is nothing better then putting yourself in someone else's shoes for a while when you are reading.

Eating. While it may not be ladylike for some to say they love to eat, I will admit it. I love to eat good foods. Savory and sweet. Home cooked meals are my all time favorite. My mother was the best cook ever, and I like to think that some of her tricks and tips rubbed off on me when I cook a meal for Kevin and myself.

Health, beauty, and makeup. All three of these have been passions of mine since I was a little girl. I remember wearing makeup as early as the 5th grade. And there were many days when I lived at home that I would flip through my mom's "Doctor's Book Of Home Remedies". All three subjects have really intrigued me for quite some time.

Writing!!! I will tell you I used to hate writing. When I was in school, and had to write a paper, I dreaded it. I hated to research, and ideas never really came to me. It was not until I was out on my own that I realized how much fun writing was for me. A majority of this is because Kevin. He also has a passion for writing, and had me proofread a story of his shortly after we moved in together. After reading it, I was so proud of him and thought he must feel so accomplished by writing such a wonderful story. I decided that I would give it a go, and long and behold, my love for writing began.

My life is hectic with all the passions that I have, but I would not have it any other way. It is fulfilling to have this many passions that I go gaga over every day. Get ready to follow me in this whirlwind that I call my life.