October 22, 2017

Something about Bike

Всем привет! Я написал вторую заметку для блога "как дизайнеру изучать код".

Итоги запуска, ответы на вопросы, первые сложности, первая верстка, что сделал, план действий.


  1. qwewqe
  2. qwe
  3. qwe
  4. qw
— Qweqeqewqew!

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RE:aktiv was designed to complement existing suspension settings, such as climb and trail modes. RE:aktiv can function effectively in all three settings, allowing you to simply pick the proper setting and let her rip. Wouldn’t it be nice to no longer interrupt your flow to flip between suspension settings during a ride? It simply makes the shock better all the time.