December 24, 2020

Can’t find the best tailors in Melbourne?

The modern man of today is rough as well as polished. He's good on the playing field, he's smart in the boardroom, and in a suit and tie, he's sophisticated. Not just any suit will do for this guy. Bespoke-or tailored-suit from the best tailors in Melbourne is one of the growing trends in men's fashion. Any man can stumble into his local department store and pull a suit off the rack, but a real man would go to a tailor to really "pull off the right look. Here is the reason why:

Better Quality

Anyone who wears suits regularly, whether for the workplace or for nights out on the town knows how easily a low-quality suit will start to age. Worn-out knees and elbows, frayed stitching, or fading colours can cheapen the look and esteem of a man.

The fact is, cheap is pricey. Dressing well is a form of good manners," fashion designer Tom Ford once said so put your best foot forward with a custom-made suit. You can select from a broad range of quality fabrics that do not wear out, drape the body impeccably, and emit a "lustre" or "screen". Attach a professional tailor who knows your uniqueness and you can get much higher attention to detail, as compared to machines on an assembly line.

True, at a bargain-basement price, an off-the-rack suit can often be found, but you get what you pay for. And cheap is expensive more often than not. Your bargain-basement suit ends up costing you far more than it's worth with constant trips to the dry cleaners, the repair of rips and tears, and the eventual need to replace it. But it is really a smart investment when you look at the quality, detail, and superiority of a custom suit.

Wrapping Up

A quality wool suit from worn-out fabrics won't wear down or have the shine. A real workhorse would be a custom suit: solid, practically wrinkle-free, and will never need dry-cleaning, as real Merino wool repels odours and oils. To summarise, successful tailors in Melbourne from The Suit Concierge will hand-craft a suit at a fraction of the price to endure several years of wear and recreate high-end fashions.