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The #Chimphu Hermitage is located 15 kilometers from the east of #Samye Monastery. The beautiful scenery of the area was mentioned in the “Padmakathang Scripture” (The life Story of Master #Padmasambhava) as follows: “The Native Place Of Chimphu Is Like A Full Bloom Lotus. The Outer Aspect Of Chimphu Manifests As A Lotus In Full Bloom. The Inner Aspect Is Like The Three Doors Of Liberation Of Dorjee Palmo. The Secret Aspect Represents The Secret Lotus (Bhaka) Of Dorjee Palmo”. The summit of the mountain is a precious banner, located at the navel of the rocky mountain is the famous cave Trakmar Kiutsang, inside which self-arising mandala appears on the rock. More than two hundred yogis and yoginis are practicing tantras on the mountain. The #Samye monastery has been using all donations for improving the living condition of the practitioners and for the maintenance of the Hermitage.

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