What is swedish massage

There are enormous ways fixing up human body but the best one is probably massage. Our guide we will talk about Swedish massage, which is known as classic healfy way for your body. Such treatment will be excellent choice for everyone who cares about muscles, bones health.

Why we called it Swedish Massage

There are a lot well-known fullbody procedures in Western countries but Northen technique probably best-known relaxing type wellness therapy. Main idea of this method based on science facts from human anatomy, physiology. Johan Georg Mezger (1838 - 1909) is the Swedish style founder despite he was a Dutch practitioner. He learned some of world known healing techniques whereupon tried creating system, can be used in medicine. Main ideas concidering his method based on book "Medical Gymnastics" by Swidish physiologist Per Henrik Ling (1776-1839). That's why in calls that way.

Interesting thing that many methods from XVIII century applying nowdays without any changes. This confirms that massage from Sweden has big effectiveness.

Different techniques of massage from Sweden

Classic style contains five basic methods. They are aimed being good in different ways. As example, it can soothe muscles, improve circulation, make feel relaxed. Remember that as with all interventions firstly should consult with personal doctor about any medical conditions may havel.

Swedish massage therapy inhibits several locomotions: tapotement, petrissage, friction, effleurage. Tapotement is about doing quick drumming or pounding type movements. Suchmotionsprovides better blood flow through flesh, improves dissemination by boosting oxygen flow in blood. Petrissage will be valuable to your skin, muscle, because masticating one of the best way bringing new impulse for human body.

Friction directed to deeper muscles, evenly bones. Use this movement by making static, strong pressure to areas, which are most painful in your body. Basically should control the effort you make on muscles. Finally, don"t forget about effleurage, which means long, slow sliding movements. To decrease pain effects you may use body oil or balm

There is one kind of therapy which is rather similar to Scandinavian technique, it calls deep tissue massage. This therapy contains more perpetual pressure against muscle until it pushes back and repose. Itmakes more effect on muscle form but also have cons. In particular, you can have some injuries if you do this technique in wrong way.

Major benefits of technique from Sweden

Swedish full body massage basicaly used to relax as well as makeing ready for some kind of physical activity. Doing classic healing procedure can effectively calm nervous system, reduce anxiety or evenhealmental depression.

All of Scandinavian techniques are based on movements on back, hands or legs, which invokes blood circulation. Moreover lymphatics system is also stimulates by Swedish therapy. But such procedure maybe hurtful. If you have osteoporosis, fever, may be another disease, which can cause raising temperature.

Scandinavian healing should be used on problem areas, because it can heal different pains. It makes possible because of flushing out toxins from muscles, strengthening oxygen flow in blood. Regula massages can help to keep connective tissues and sinews supple. Not unimportant fact of doing such method is the effect which decreasing emotional, physical stress.

Swedish massage is must have course for professional masseur

Want to be professional masseur? Swedish massage course iis first you should sign up. It's very popular at spa salons. Clients are ready forking out for good, strong, effective physio procedure. Don't forget Scandinavian healing contains profits simultaneously: relaxing with stimulating at the same time. Also by improving physical health clients will obvious increase theirmentalhealth.

Learning how to do Northen massage professionally helps you financially. Salary will be much more over average. UK average Therapist earns £91,650 per year or £47 per hour. Obviously it iisn't salary roof, masseurs in great demand can make over £132,500. According statistics profession masseur growing faster by 20% than any other, so may expect raising effect at market.