January 27, 2020

Cargo and Logistics Dubai

Started in January 2020, Cargo and Logistics Dubai is the joint venture between Dubai Municipality and Port Shepstone Cargo Management. It is a Dubai governmental body that aims to deliver the best in cargo and logistics services and products. The plans are on to expand this venture to other cities across the world including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Frankfurt, Sydney, China, and Hong Kong.Ports were an integral part of Dubai's transport systems from its inception. It is one of the major sites for cargo and logistics operations as it supports a large number of companies transporting various commodities for commercial purposes.There are various operating modes of Cargo and Logistics Dubai from the motor vehicle to the different fleet operators. Most of these modes are based on charter by Dubai companies.Ports are managed by Port Shepstone, which has its headquarters at Dubai Airport. The approach is like that of Dubai Airport. A wide range of goods such as fuel, gasoline, chemicals, food and beverages, passenger and cargo shipping, warehousing and inventory are transported to and from ports and around the city through the use of this system. Most ports are linked to Dubai International Airport for facilitating transportation.Dubai Bus Services also utilises the Port Shepstone terminals for many destinations like Dubai Mall, Dubai Marina, Dubai Marina and Emirates Towers. Another important aspect of Cargo and Logistics Dubai is the unique arrangement of cars for residents. On the outskirts of Dubai, there are some of the best places to visit for locals with cars. They hire cars through this system.In the case of fuel, the distribution system is a part of Dubai Vehicle Manufacturing Company, which offers various facilities such as fuel stations. Also, the company supplies generators and pumps for refuelling cars. While fuel is the most important service offered by Dubai, transportation has become very important. The suppliers of certain goods have moved their depots and delivery points to Dubai to reduce costs. You can see this happening at almost all times when goods are transported.Among the most important services provided by Dubai are vehicle rental, car servicing, fleet management, courier services, insurance, etc. Customs and Port Security Services are also extended to Dubai through Cargo and Logistics Dubai.Dubai has a strong reputation as a harbinger for technical excellence and expansion for several international firms. This is why many multinational companies now invest here. They enjoy the services of competent logistics and transportation providers for many goods.As already mentioned, Dubai has several dockside services that are essential for cargo and logistics. They are the main logistics provider for thousands of imports and exports, which make it the largest port in the world by the way of the tonnage of cargo handled. These services include auto ferry services, fleet assistance, unloading and loading, loading and unloading of container ships, loading and unloading of semi-trucks, etc.Cargo and Logistics Dubai provide comprehensive services for commercial companies as well as private groups. Dubai is regarded as one of the best logistical hubs in the world, owing to its international status and relative ease of operation. It is a known landmark for companies that operate internationally and its efficiency has made it one of the busiest ports in the world.