November 1, 2020


conversion&painting competition of the channel @paintingwarhammer


Flesh is weak. Technologies, mutations, all kinds of flesh change, accidental or intentional. Ghosts from AOS, for example, will do. And 40k rubric marines too. And augmented guys from Necromunda ever. Everything that goes beyond the natural physical capabilities is approved.


1. Only Warhammer. Sorry. There is enough room for choice: 30k, AoS, FB, Necromunda, Warcry and everything related.

2. Alternative models (Artel W, Grimskull, CreatureCaster, etc.) are welcome.

3. Model size limit - 40 mm base or smaller. All that need base larger than 40 mm cannot take part in the competition.

4. Base decoration. Models with an empty unpainted base will not be accepted.

5. Subscription to our channel.


1. Painting. Three winners will be chosen by open voting.

2. Conversion. Winner (only one) will be chosen by channel admins.One model can win in both categories. Also, admins can suddenly create any nomination they want - like "admin's sympathy award" or "the cutest blood angel" :)


To enter the competition, send a photo of assembled unpainted model with hand written hashtag #fleshisweak to @zealsight or @brunstan. You can make as many entries, as you wish - each model will be voted separately.

that's how can an entry look like

Then paint the model :)

Until November 28 send photos of your finished work to @zealsight or @brunstan. We need at least 2 views of it: front and back view. There's an old but gold WarCom guide on how to take minis photo. It can help.


From December 1 to December 5, by open voting with a special bot. Any telegram user can take part in the voting. Instructions for using the bot will be published on the day the voting starts.


Will be announced December 6.


We'll think about it ^-^ Just some little trinket, anyway - we're nor a store or painting studio and do all of this just for fun, not for advertising or something.

This is not a Golden Demon, so "I'm not good enough" is not accepted! :)