September 12, 2019

PVC Cling Films Market Expected to Secure Notable Revenue Share during 2027

Poly Vinyl Chloride Cling Films or PVC Films are packaging material or a plastic wrap which is less than or equal to 10 micron in thickness and whose uses doesn’t requires any adhesive but still is capable enough of wrapping the material completely and is able to keep the chemical and physical integrity of the material intact. These are typically used in wrapping the food and is very handy in instant sealing the food from external environment and hence is invariable used to enhance the shelf life of the food. PVC based is a better option over LDPE as it permeable to water vapor and oxygen thus food items especially fruits and vegetables that breath, finds wider application of this packaging or wrapping material.

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The PVC Cling films market can be classified based on type viz. Manual Film, Machine Film and others; based on uses: household, Industrial and others; By Geography: North America (US, Canada and Mexico), Europe (Germany, UK, France, Italy, Russia and Others), Asia Pacifica and LAMEA (Latin America, Middle East and Africa).The demand of these films has been ridden by the rapid growth of the organized retailers and which is finding growth impetus due to the rise in urban population who are looking for conveniently packed food which can be used readily. Consumers also look for the food that is maintaining freshness and PVC films ensures the same. Further wrapping and peeling is not tedious for these films and hence it is more convenient to use over other forms of packaging. However, the PVC films offers limited scope of uses due to its non-durability.

The restraints for this packaging material is the growing sense of environment responsibility over the uses of polymers in general and plastics in particular among end users and also government. Films of such gauze are not recyclable and thus many countries have banned the uses of such films. Plastics bags of such thickness has been already banned in India. It is to be checked that these reasons can severely restrict the uses especially when govt put a ban on it.

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Market can look for opportunities in developing and underdeveloped nations where there is rapid urbanization and also the environment lobby is weak.

North America is having the largest market as the mass consumers are meeting their needs mostly from organized retailers and also local vendors also packaged the food in a way that soothes the consumers. The same pattern has been evolving in the developing nations of Asia Pacifica region and hence is finding the highest growth.

Some of the major players globally are: Linpac Group Limited, Mitsubishi Plastics Limited, Allen Plastics Indsutries Ltd., Alpfilm, Decofilm SPA, Follen GmbH Monhem, Mirel Vratimov A.S., Ergis SA, Scientax SA, Eurofilms Extrusions Pvt Ltd.