September 12, 2019

Manufacturers ofOphthalmology PACS (Picture Archiving And Communications Systems) Market to Benefit from Lucrative Growth Opportunities on Account of Increasing Adoption

Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) has the power to store and retrieve the medical images accessed from multiple source and modalities and thus provide single platform to visualize and analyze on a single platform. Further this technology also provides digital transmission of images and which results in baseless date sharing for quick analysis by multiple experts on real time basis. Eye care or ophthalmology is an area where the images are used extensively and thus PACS finds one of the major serving areas.

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Demand for ophthalmic imaging solutions is increasing due to an aging population, early disease recognition and increased incidences of visual impairment. As the number of people impacted by eye diseases grows, it is crucial for practices to define and refine their imaging strategies to better manage patient data, speed the detection of eye conditions, and provide the quality care that patients demand and deserve.The restraints for this market is lack of skilled personals to handle the systems and which is due to the limited penetration of technology.

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The area of impetus thus has to be in regular training so that the ready skilled personals are available for the ophthalmologists. Ophthalmology PACS Market is segmented on the basis of Type: Integrated PACS, Standalone PACS, Ophthalmology PACS Market; On the basis Delivery Model: On-premise, Web/cloud-based; On the basis of End User: Hospitals. Specialty Clinics & Ambulatory Surgery Centers, Other End Users (Medical Education Centers, Eye Research Institutes, and Laboratorie; and on the basis of Region.The integrated PACS segment is expected to command the largest share of the ophthalmology PACS market. On the basis of delivery model, the ophthalmology PACS market is segmented into on-premise and web/cloud-based models. Based on end user, the specialty clinics & ambulatory surgical centers segment is expected to command the largest share of the ophthalmology PACS market.

Some of the major playes are IBM Corporation (Merge Healthcare) (US), Carl Zeiss Meditec AG (Germany), Topcon Corporation (Japan), Heidelberg Engineering (Germany), Sonomed Escalon (US), Visbion (UK), EyePACS (US), VersaSuite (US), Medical Standard (South Korea), ScImage (US), Agfa-Gevaert Group (Belgium), and Canon USA Inc. (US) are some of the prominent players offering ophthalmology products.