May 28, 2019

Superconducting Fault Current Limiters Market Revenue Growth Defined by Heightened Product Innovation

The superconducting fault current limiters (SFCL) are the power devices used to limit the fault current in the electrical power system. In normal conditions, SFCL causes negligible voltage and energy losses, but when a critical fault occurs, it transits to a highly resistive state.

Day by day increasing demand for reliable & efficient power supply coupled with interconnection mechanism in grid are the major factors that drive the growth of the market. The blooming demand for the renewable energy applications and need of smart grid infrastructure will also offer growth to the market globally. The major market challenges are the safety measurements, large scale of high-temperature superconducting fault current limiter (HTS-FCL) in power systems and their high cost.

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In the global market, Shielded core SFCL is the most preferred type. The factors like no current leads needed, and the number of turns of the secondary winding can be much smaller than the primary turns makes SFCL more preferable. Due to it`s High electrical conductivity, durability, ability to withstand stress with minimum wear and tear, ductility makes shielded core SFCL type most demanding in the superconducting fault current limiter market.

North America is expected to dominate the market as it is continue to implement with strong smart grid initiatives, upgradation of current Transmission & Distribution infrastructure, energy efficiency measures and several new renewable projects. The major players are ABB LTD., Alstom, American Superconductor Corporation, Siemens Ag, Applied Materials, Gridon, Superpower Inc., Superconductor Technologies Inc., Rongxin Power Electronic Co. Ltd. and Zenergy Power Electric Co.

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The global SFCL Market is segmentated as:

By Type-

• Resistive SFCL

• Shielded-core SFCL

• Saturable-core SFCL

By End-use Industry-

• Oil & Gas

• Power Station

• Transmission & Distribution Grid

• Others

By geography:

• North America

o  U.S.

o  Canada

o  Rest of North America

• Europe

o  Germany

o  U.K.

o  France

o  Rest of Europe

• Asia Pacific

o  China

o  India

o  Japan

o  Rest of Asia Pacific

• Middle East & Africa

o  GCC

o  South Africa

o  Rest of Middle East & Africa

• South America

o  Brazil

Rest of South America”

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