April 24, 2020

Kidney Stone Management Market by Size | Growth | Analysis | Trends and Forecasts to 2018-2025

Kidney stones are deposits of mineral and salt that occur inside the kidneys, predominantly made up of calcium oxalate and numerous other compounds. The symptoms include intense pain in the side and groin, nausea, vomiting, and blood in urine among others. If preventive measures are not taken, there are high chances of recurrence. Imaging techniques like CT scan and ultrasound scan are used for diagnosing kidney stones. The management of symptoms is the primary focus of kidney stone treatment. Sound waves are used to break kidney stones larger than 10 millimeters while smaller ones are flushed out through urine. Surgery and Endoscopy are other techniques to remove bigger kidney stones.

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Demand Scenario

The global kidney stones management market was USD 1677.09 million in 2018 and is estimated to reach USD 2275.18 million by 2025 at a CAGR of 4.45% during the forecast period

Growth by Region

North America dominated the market with the United States the leading market in the region owing to factors such as the availability of advanced treatment techniques, increasing use of minimally invasive surgical procedures, growing prevalence of kidney stones and presence of major market players. Europe’s growth is due to kidney health awareness, and use of advanced imaging techniques for the diagnosis of kidney stones. Asia Pacific will have the highest growth rate with countries like India and China have risen to be a potential business ground for kidney stone management market in the future. Factors that propel the growth in this region includes increasing geriatric population, rising prevalence of diabetes, and changes in food habits.

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Drivers vs Constraints

The factors that drive the growth of the market include technological advancements in the field of ureteroscopy, increasing repetition rate of kidney stones, increase in accuracy of kidney stone detection, development of minimally invasive surgeries such as, growing consumption of fast food in developing regions, and global warming. Other factors that boost the market growth include research and development activities in the field of kidney stone management, increasing awareness regarding kidney stones by implementing campaigns like the World Kidney Day, and popularity of treatment of kidney stones using minimally invasive procedures. Lack of awareness regarding the treatment of kidney stones in some regions, presence of alternatives such as surgical procedures and usage of drugs and potentially harmful effects of some of the treatment methods will hamper the growth of the global kidney stones management market.

Industry Trends and Updates

The latest trends in kidney stones management industry are majorly driven by technological advancements in the field of ESWL and ureteroscopy. The improvement in image quality by using high definition cameras and digital imaging has further led to better visualization and more accurate treatment.

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On April 10, 2018, Olympus Corporation signed an agreement to acquire lithotripsy system design and production technology from Cybersonics, Inc. Boston Scientific has launched a kidney stone device known as Dakota kidney stone retrieval device which has the capability of capturing complex stones as small as 1 mm or as large as 1 cm.