October 29, 2020

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Anti-terror agency conducts searches at 10 places including offices of ngos and a newspaper as well as activists’ homes. Opponents of the ruling argue it puts women’s lives at risk by forcing them to carry unviable pregnancies. Un expert proposes human rights framework to manage the world’s tens of thousands of mass grave sites. Malnutrition in yemen worsened in 2020 due to factors including coronavirus pandemic, global economic downturn. Dutch leader of party for freedom, geert wilders, shared an insulting cartoon of the turkish president on twitter.

Apple seems to be escalating its developments to build a search engine rivalling google’s iconic search. A 24-year-old man was on wednesday sentenced to death by a court in telangana in the sensational case of murder of nine people, including six members of a family, in warangal in may.

The idea of urdu news was started by harihar dutta in kolkata, 1822. Stay up to date with latest happenings from around the world on urdupoint. Breaking urdu news gets updated round the clock by a professional team of journalists and reporters from around the world. Early voting continues to surge as donald trump and joe biden crisscross the us in the final days of the campaign.

According to the victoria state government the lockdown changes will allow 6,200 retail stores, 5,800 cafés and today in bermuda , 1,000 beauty salons and 800 pubs to reopen, impacting 180,000 jobs. Although trump is trailing democrat joe biden in national polls, the race is tighter in wisconsin and other swing states that will determine who wins and are the focus of the two campaigns.

1 hour ago the ig sindh has assured me that the police will soon arrest the culprits, umme rubab said. 1 hour ago omar ayub announced that gas reservoirs of the country are witnessing a fast decline. With eight days to go before election day, more than 59.1 million americans have already voted in person or by mail. More than 60 million americans have already voted, leading to predictions that nov 3 elections could see record-breaking turnout. Sanctions meant to "Safeguard national interests," says chinese foreign ministry spokesman zhao lijian.

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Safron minister shehryar afridi condemns new law as "Draconian", says india usurping "All rights of kashmiris". The government expects the facility to be used by 245,000 passengers on a daily basis. Hammad azhar says stock market rally along with other factors points towards a "Positive economic sentiment" in the country.