TokenGo Chat Rules

What is interesting for the community platform TokenGo:

✅ Questions regarding the TokenGo platform

✅ Questions related to bounty campaigns that are conducted on the TokenGo platform.

Chat rules:

🚫 Discussion of other topics is prohibited!

🚫 Advertising your projects and chat rooms is prohibited!

🚫 Redirect messages prohibited!

🚫 Adding third-party bots is prohibited!

🚫 Placing links that are not related to the project is prohibited!

🚫 Spam is not allowed!

🚫 Foul language is prohibited!

🚫 Trolling and rudeness is prohibited!

🚫 Placing any unauthorized advertising is prohibited!

🚫 Discussion of religious and political topics is prohibited!

🚫 Nationalism is prohibited!

🚫 To mislead the chat participants is prohibited!

🚫 Placing frank materials is prohibited!

Rules of communication with chat admins:

🚫 It is forbidden to discuss personal information!

🚫 It is forbidden to ask questions about income!

🚫 It is forbidden to poke and indicate duties (violation of subordination)!

🚫 It is forbidden to insult admins!

🚫 It is forbidden to dispute the decisions of admins!

🚫 It is forbidden to write to admins in BOS only if they do not ask for it themselves!

🚫 It is forbidden to mislead admins!

🚫 Unfounded accusation of the project, managers, moderators, teams is prohibited!

🚫 If you have been deprived of the rights to time or forever - then it is forbidden to discuss the actions of administrators in the general chat!

For violation of the rules waiting for you:

❗️ Mut

❗️ Ban