June 10, 2020

About me

We have together with all the men and started promoting in YouTube, thanks to the cover songs of the favorite bands we were recognized, now we have a contract with an independent label and also in the following two months we are going to play at local clubs. Hello, my name is Tony, and from the age of 22, I am a performer, songwriter, concert, now I'm studying philosophy in the State Pedagogical Institute, chose to dedicate myself to songs since childhood, graduated from music school, as in this instance, the most important professionalism. Mom helped me to create creative talent, the teacher of the violin class. My father, on the other, was against these hobbies and persuading him to further research in this direction. All our free time we spend with friends, playing games, or frequently hang out at online games https://uk.doc.casino/ . I love to play gambling.play as some other kind of betting is a sign of health.in principle, as any gaming is a normal human manifestation. Creativity can't be without excitement. Even if a person writes a job, he has a subconscious desire to win - the person who reads it, appears or hears it.   As in any other business, the main important issue would be to define a large goal and inquire: what is the purpose of taking a musical instrument whatsoever; how far I'm prepared to go; whether I just want to be the spirit of a business using a guitar in my hands and yard songs on weekends, or my own fate to play in stadiums facing a enormous number of individuals... Whether you are a group or a solo actor, everybody should know a crystal clear answer to such questions, as how do you start your way without a given direction course?It happens that progress on the ladder of musical profession at our nation isn't a simple thing, but when in this lifetime something has been given easily that?! Definitely, our marketing schemes operate differently and have different scales but there are numerous different things which impact the achievement in that or this environment.