October 30, 2020

Bethesda and Microsoft have not decided what to do with The Elder Scrolls VI on platforms outside of the Xbox

Microsoft has been in the news lately about company purchases - the creators of the Xbox are taking under their wing studios like Ninja Theory to make games for the American console. And not so long ago, Phil Spencer's team turned the deal of the year: it acquired the ZeniMax media holding and, as a result, Bethesda. Is The Elder Scrolls VI Bypassing PlayStation 5? So far, no one knows for sure the answer to this question - including Todd Howard.

The game designer responsible for most of the numbered chapters of the fantasy RPG series was interviewed by GamesIndustry.biz. The conversation touched on various topics - from the public reaction to the news of the takeover itself to the news of Game Pass - but the ending of the dialogue sounded most interesting. According to Todd Howard, he, like many gamers, "will be difficult to imagine" TES VI as an exclusive one and only platform. A hint or just thinking out loud?

However, the answer is much simpler: judging by the material, both giant companies have not yet discussed all the details of the upcoming partnership. It is known that Bethesda will retain a certain amount of autonomy and will even publish its projects on its own. But which, under what circumstances and for which platforms - unfortunately, is not yet entirely clear. Apparently, details and explanations will follow only next year, when the deal finally takes effect.